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Fumeless Pickling Equipment

Chemical Pretreatment of Wire

Fumeless Pickling Equipment - Chemical Pretreatment of Wire

With its fumeless pickling equipment, Wire KÖRNER is offering an answer to your wire-cleaning requirements that is both ecologically and economically valuable.

KÖRNER’s pickling equipment is entirely encapsulated; water-curtains at the input and output openings of the equipment prevent the escape of acid steam. This is a real asset for safety and for the environment. Furthermore, there is no need to invest in air-scrubbers.

By making the flow in the pickling-tank extremely turbulent and by using a pickling medium that can be heated up to 60 °C, KÖRNER have managed to reduce the duration of the process, and thereby the length of the pickling equipment, to their absolute minimum.

In addition to this, the equipment saves valuable resources; by condensing the acid steam on the internal wall, it releases energy and reduces acid consumption.

Brochure Fumeless Picking Equipment


Cleaning of wire before galvanising


Compact system comprising cooling-tank, pickling-tank and rinsing-bath


  • Low acid and energy consumption
  • Short processing time, high speed
  • No wire deflection
  • High level of safety


Practically 100 % fume-free

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