Ofenanlagen für Draht und Band

Furnaces for wire and strip


Energy use

Energy use

In these times of ever-rising energy costs patenting, annealing or galvanising equipment must demonstrate low energy consumption in wire production. With a range of practical features, Wire KÖRNER’s furnaces guarantee the highest efficiency in the galvanising process.

Whatever method you choose for heating your furnace equipment - the KÖRNER flat-flame burner FL20/50, which operates in modulating mode and can be regulated in a range of 1:10, or a highspeed burner driven by a central recuperator / regenerator, or tested immersion burners - with KÖRNER equipment you can always rely on energy efficiency.

An array of further features contributes to minimising energy requirements. Diffuser plates on the burners guide the gas stream along the inner wall of the furnace. This gives rise to a combination of radiant and convection heat which means that the furnaces transfer high heat output to the kettle at relatively low average temperatures. The multi-layered insulation design, up to 300 mm in thickness, reduces heat loss; furthermore, the new ceramic coating of the fibre insulation reflects the thermal radiation into the inside of the furnace and delivers a long operating life, even at high flow-speeds.

Wire KÖRNER reduces heat loss even further with their additional, up to 2.5 cm thick, Microtherm® high-temperature insulation behind the brick lining. This achieves optimal insulation effect even at high temperatures. The furnace wall’s low heat-storage capacity means that energy consumption is minimal when the furnace is heated up.

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