Ofenanlagen für Draht und Band

Furnaces for wire and strip



Founded in April 1928 in Hagen/Germany the company KÖRNER is a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and has since experienced success growth in technical field and sales. The company KÖRNER is active since 80 years in the field of furnaces and auxiliary equipment for the wire industry and has earned a world leader position through new developments and maintains this position through reliable equipment and service offered to worldwide customers.

As one of major supplier of wire production equipment, KÖRNER operates from a head office in Hagen/Germany. In order to develop and extend the marketing and sales of its product worldwide a new company "Wire KÖRNER GmbH" has been established.

The range of products includes: batch heat treatment installations, continuous lines for patenting, annealing, galvanizing, oil tempering and stainless steel annealing. The Wire KÖRNER team is dedicated to permanent innovation has develop recently:

  • a new generation of "High Tec" Austenitizing Furnace with better efficiency and lower gas consumption equipped with an Automatic Atmosphere Control System (AAC)
  • a new an efficient Zinc Wiping and Automatic Control of Zinc thickness unit. The Zinc coating feedback system is used in conjunction with N2 system. The control is to be achieved by continuous measurement of the zinc coating on nitrogen wiped wires and then automatically controlling the nitrogen flow to each nozzle to achieve a set target zinc coating thickness. The control of the zinc costing is now a critical challenge parameter.

Our policy is to continually develop new and innovative technology. Wire KÖRNER is able to provide the most modern, efficient and fast operating wire production lines available in today’s industry.

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